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DKP is earned at the rate of 2 DKP per hour raided.
  • Members must be on time to get credit for any given hour. For example, a member must be with the raid prior to or exactly at 9:00pm to get credit for the 9-10 hour. If the member arrives even 1 minute late, they will not be eligible for dkp until the 10-11 hour.
  • Members must also raid the full hour to receive credit for that hour. If a member leaves early, we reserves the right to not credit you for that hour and in most cases, that will be the result.
  • We follow our DKP Distribution policy strictly to avoid conflicts of favoritism. Everyone is held to the same standard.

There is also a "Start to Finish" bonus of 4 DKP each raid night.
  • To be eligible, members must be online at 5 mins before 9:00PM EST. At exactly 8:55PM EST, if a member is not with the raid and ready to zone in...they're not eligible for the bonus. Additionally, they'll need to stay with the raid or on the waiting list until the end of the raid night. This time varies, but is officially when the Raid Leader calls it. This could be 11:45PM, could be 12:30AM...either way, you'll need to stay til the very end to get the bonus. We do try to end all raids by 12:00AM EST, but raids will sometimes last a bit longer.

Optional Sunday Night Raid.
  • To be eligible to use “Sunday for Attendance” you must be online at 8:55pm EST and must remain online till the end of raid. If you want to use your “Sunday for Attendance” during the week you need to send the DKP Officer an in game mail stating what day you will be missing.
  • If we do not raid on a Sunday night then there will be no “Sunday for Attendance” for that week of raiding.

Note: Mistakes can and sometimes will happen in regards to DKP. If you feel a mistake has been made, you should contact an Officer within 7 days of the error. After 7 days, all DKP will typically remain on the boards as final. In the end, it is ultimately everyone's own responsibility to track their own DKP.

Communication Board - (Starting November 15th, 2016).
  • If you do not post that you will miss a raid or will be late up to three times then on the third offense you will lose plat bidding rights for the next week of raids.
  • After the three strikes you're out first offense you'll need to have a discussion with leadership to determine next steps. Continued lack of compliance may render harsher penalties to be determined.
  • Note: You will continue to be able to bid DKP during the week you lose plat bidding rights. Attendance and DKP earnings will not change.

This will only be for Monday thru Wednesday Raids. Sunday Raids are Optional.

DKP Bonuses!
  • First time named kill T1: 3 DKP
  • First time named kill T2: 5 DKP
  • First time named kill T3: 8 DKP
  • First time named kill T4: 10 DKP
  • (Only awarded once for all in attendance).
  • Flawless kills only if counted toward progression or required for a reward: 3 DKP
  • (Only awarded once for all in attendance).

The Waiting List
  • Almost every night there should be and probably will be more then exactly 24 people who are on and ready to raid. Once the raid is full, we start a waiting list.
  • It is the INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY of each member to make sure they make it onto the waiting list if the raid is full. To be put on the waiting list, members should send a /tell to an Officer. If there is no reply from the Officer, members should assume that the /tell was not gotten and try again soon.
  • While on the waiting list, members receive full credit as if they were in the zone killing the mobs with the raid. Providing members are on time, they will also be able to bid on anything that drops that they'd be able to bid on if they were in the raid. If a member is late and then joins the waiting list, they must either wait until they are brought into the raid or the following hour (for which they'd be on time), whichever comes first. If they win the item, someone will camp out so they can zone in to loot the item.
  • Members will need to stay available to the raid and be ready to join the raid at all times. If we try to contact a member to ask them to join the raid and they cannot be reached by any reasonable means and/or they are not able to join the raid within a reasonable amount of time, they will be removed from the waiting list.
  • If a member on the waiting list needs to be removed from the waiting list, they should inform an Officer rather than silently leaving early. Failure to do so could result in losing all DKP/attendance for that evening.

Loot Distribution
  • To be eligible to bid on loot, the item must serve as a clear upgrade for your character. This is the only pre-requisite. It is advised that you consider the needs of others in the guild before bidding and if you feel the item would better serve a fellow guildie more so than yourself, you "should" really think of the team before your own needs. In the end, the strength of our team is what will make us all more successful. However, to be will not be guilted or made to feel bad if you decide anyway to bid on an upgrade for your character. You earn your dkp and you have earned the right to spend it. Please note, if leadership feels there is a growing pattern with a certain member always looking out for just themselves, it'll be addressed. Use common sense.
  • We're dedicated to gearing our raid force, so of course if you're out of dkp and an upgrade for your main drops and it's about to rot (not a single member or recruit wants it) we're not going to just transmute it in front of you. You'll be allowed to go in on the item for 10 (even though this puts you very temporarily in the negative).
  • When it's time to bid on loot, the Raid Leader will announce which item to bid on and ask folks to start bidding.

The DKP bidding order goes as follows:
  • 1st: Full Members (75% raid attendance & higher, dkp only)
  • 2nd: Full Members (dkp only)
  • 3rd: Raid Alts (dkp only)
  • 4th: Recruits (dkp only after first two weeks)
  • 5th: Main Alts (dkp only)
  • 6th: Recruits (2500p start first two weeks)
  • 7th: Regular Alts
  • NOTE: You will not be allowed to bid during raid time if you're not on deck. You must be either in raid or ready to raid.

Alt lootz:
  • The alt must be max level or at a level that can use the item being bid for.
  • When it reaches this tier, you are allowed to use dkp. Otherwise it will be sold for platz. DKP bids trump plat bid.

Starting DKP Bid Amounts:
Note: Bid will start at listed minimum and increments of 5dkp.
  • Fabled Loot: 10DKP
  • Alt Loot: 10dkp
  • Master for Main: 0dkp
  • War Rune: 10dkp

Bid Roll:
This happens when we have two or more member at the minimum bid amt and no one will go higher. Random will break the tie to obtain the item for the minimum bid amt.

Starting Plat Bid Amounts:
Note: Bid will start at listed minimum and increments of 1000p.
  • All items for plat bids (gear, masters for alts, etc): 5000p

All purchases made directly from the guild bank's stock should be paid to the treasury at the time of purchase. All debts owed from alt loot purchases during raids should be paid into guild bank #1 by the end of the night before logging off.

  • NOTE: You will not be allowed to plat bid during raid time if you have a balance due to the guild bank at the beginning of raid. (This includes main alt bids).

Guild Split:
Scheduled guild splits will occur from time to time based on guild excesses. Typically, splits are tied to attendance and include only full members. Unless otherwise posted, split is usually on the 1st of each month and includes only full members with 75% and higher raid attendance.
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