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So what kind of player are we looking for? First and foremost we are looking for raiders that play A LOT. We add those players that have a desire to fight the end game mobs, who want to achieve the most in EQ2, and raiders that don't give up or complain when things get tough!

Prefer geared out people with experience who don't suck and show up. We're a mature guild and we expect our members to be and act mature, if this is not you then you may need to consider applying elsewhere.

Membership Requirements
  • Level 110 w/ 350AA, 1512+ resolve, 80k+ potency & 675k+ resists
  • ALL spells/skills must be fully mastered or close to it (min expert.)
  • Must have class epic weapon conversion quest of CD Sig line quest completed.
  • Ascension level 20.

Raid time is Monday - Wednesday, 9PM til 12AM EST. If you have a schedule conflict that will prevent you from attending even one of these nights on a regular basis, Primal Vengeance might not be the best fit for you.

May consider skilled/exceptional players of all classes!!!

We also have casual rank for non raiders.

Visit here to apply: Recruitment Application
Application can only be seen by members of the guild.

If you have any questions about our guild and would like to reach us in game, please contact: Dizzturbed or Zephanor