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Resource Links

Communication tool used during raids (required).

Everquest II rankings.

Used to parse/analyze fights, call AoE's and other events.

Useful for quest information, looking items up, and a ton of other useful stuff.

Another very useful site for quest and item information.

A database site that lists the drops from different zones in the game.

AA Calculator by Beetny.

Awesome News site regarding EverQuest 2.

Awesome site with search functionality for Characters, Guilds, Items, and Spells in EverQuest II.

Despite the name of the site there can be some actual good information here.

Custom Interfaces for EQ2 includes popluar ones like Profit Reborn, Fetish, DrumsUI etc.

Replaces the default maps with customized and new maps not included in the game.

Great information regarding tradeskilling quests, recipes, furnitures etc.

Furniture listings for Everquest 2